Friday, August 12, 2005

greetings from utah!

we're in St. George, Utah this morning. headed to las vegas for a couple days.
man! the scenery here is amazing. i've never felt so small.... tucked away amidst all the mountains, canyons and valleys. i keep hearing .. what's his name.. who teaches the 'come to papa' series. "you're the point". i'm the reason, you're the reason God created all of this. unbelievable.
it's mostly been a good trip. a little trying at times. my laptop isn't wireless, so this is the first time all week i've been able to be online. i've been a little stressed about my work, worried that i'd miss something 'cause i couldn't get on-line. but.. surprise surprise.. God is good. i got online at the hotel this morning, found that i'd been awarded a decent writing project and still had time to accept it. awesome!
we had breakfast with my mom on wednesday. it was so good to see her. of course, after we said good-bye and went on our way, i cried for about an hour and seriously thought about moving back to lincoln, or at least going to visit for a few weeks.

i've learned two valuable lessons already:
1)you can take the girl away from the farm, but...
it's true, i'm still a farm girl at heart. we hit nebraska on wednesday and i LOVED seeing all the cornfields and farms, etc, etc. kerrie thought i was nuts. :-0

2)i'm lucky to have grown up the way i did
i learned so many wonderful lessons, growing up in a farming community. kerrie pointed out that my upbringing explains the deep desire i have for close community. 'cause that's what i grew up with. my family was close. we took care of each other. and it wasn't a burden, it was an honor. though it was never expressed this way, i learned early on that it's an honor to have God entrust the care of others to you. it's a priviledge.

i'm sure there'll be more to come. right, now.. someone's waiting for the computer, so i gotta go.


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