Monday, May 15, 2006

i have things to say too

i was sitting in Panera bread this morning, working. i was wearing one of my Amsterdam t-shirts, and some guy asked me if i was from Amsterdam. I told him "no. but I'm moving there soon." He asked why. I started to talk about my church and the church plant, the guy started shaking his head.
The next thing I know, he's talking at me about all this "intellectual reason" stuff. I say "talking at me" 'cause I never finished one sentance. He just rambled on and on. Eventually, I told him that I didn't see any point in continuing, because he wouldn't let me share any of my own thoughts. I said "I'd love to talk *with* you, but I'm not interested in having you talk *at* me." and i left.
I've seen the guy here before. He's here nearly everyday. Which means that when I come here to work tomorrow, he'll be here. And I hope we talk. I mean really talk. 'Cause I have things to say, too.

I know where this guy is coming from. Totally. I played the intellectual game for a long time. Intellectuals think that faith is reserved for those poor souls who aren't smart enough to reason their way through life.
Guess again, buddy.
I have a relatively high IQ. I can "intellectualize" with the best of them. And I have. I did it for years, reasoning my way through life's struggles, pitying those who didn't have the intelliegence to figure things out on their own.
Know what I discovered.... reason, without faith, is empty. It's empty and boring and stupid. It takes more courage to simply *believe* than it ever will to only trust what you can see and touch.
Faith is powerful. It's beautiful and inspiring, and "geweldig" [glorious]. It doesn't just give me hope, it gives me myself. We can't fully come to life without faith. We can't. Living by reason alone means that a part of you is still dead. Still unawakened. And not just *a* part, but the most important part. The part of you that's really you is dead without faith.
So... to this guy who thinks his intellect is enough, I say, guess again. I've tried a life of reason, and it sucks. I'll never go back. Ever. And if he were nearly as smart as he thinks he is, he'd give faith a try, too. And the next time I see him, that's what I'm gonna tell him.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen....I will be praying for your meeting. Love him to Jesus with your amazing heart and words. He has been burned or something....and God has sent him to you....give him a drink of living water for his burnt soul. Love you girl! -Kristi Kurtz

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