Sunday, February 04, 2007


my purse was stolen today. while i was in church. i don't know if i left my door unlocked or what... but the door was unlocked when i got in my car. i had put my purse behind the seat, and when i reached around to get it.... nada.
unfortunately, i had "packed" my purse in preparation for tomorrow. so it contained my paycheck, my passport, and some other things. so i have no form of indentification, no way to get money... nothing.
of course... me being me the first thing i do is slip into 'problem solving' mode. i contact my bank, and try to call the police to file a report (fyi - their office closes at 8pm), and call my mom to see if she can send me a copy of my birth certificate.
once all that was done, i had my freak out moment. i cried, i got really mad, and felt scared. everything that identifies me is gone. that's what i kept thinking... saying in my head.
and i started praying, though not in a nice way. mostly, my thoughts towards God centered around the fact that i've never had my purse stolen before, and the one time it happens is the time **everything** is in it. why? why couldn't He have protected my car, just this one time? why let *this* time be the time my purse is stolen? why not let it happen on a night when i don't have anything in my bag? i felt so lost. like i have no identity if all of those things are gone. i can't prove that i'm me.
because God is God, He let me vent. and when He answered, He answered with grace.
it was a strange time for a lesson on my identity, but that's what He used it for. without the drivers license, without the passport, without the money... i'm still me. i am who God says i am. the documentation is just a formality. the money doesn't affect my worth.
granted... i still have to replace it all 'cause i'm not able to do much in our society without i.d. and money. but... though i'm currently anonymous in the "official" world, i'm still fully known and fully "i.d.'d" by God.


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