Saturday, August 13, 2005

twice in one day

why not, right?
today we drove through the mountains, into the desert of las vegas. i've discovered that my traveling companion and i have very different ways of "experiencing" the amazing scenery we've seen on this trip. her idea of "experiencing" is to slow down and take her time driving through it. my idea is to ACTUALLY GET OUT OF THE CAR!!! honestly, by the time we got to vegas i felt like i was gonna jump out of my skin. i have 5 senses. i like to engage them. seeing the mountains isn't enough. i want to smell the air, feel the ground under my feet, hear the birds and wildlife, taste the rain. so tomorrow morning i'm going for a long walk, maybe a run. i want to be out. no air conditioning, no controlled environment. just me, the elements and God.

tonight we're in las vegas, staying with the coli's. i've missed them so much. mostly andrea 'cause she's the one i'm closest with. it's been so great hanging out w/her and quinn. andrea's just an incredible woman. she's fun, energetic, intelligent, godly, wise.

still no pics to post. i think tomorrow i'm gonna hit a cvs and dump my memory card to cd.

today, as we were driving through the mountains, i started thinking about their beauty, and what it says about God. i came to the conclusion that: if the creation mirrors the creator, God is magnificantly beautiful. i was also struck by the realization that He simply spoke those things into existence, and yet He took the time (and takes the time) to fashion us with His own hands. the Grand Canyon exists because of God's words. we exist because of His touch. it astounds me that He chose to take the time creating us. not the mountains, canyons or oceans. and i know that the more precious a creation is, the more time and care the creator takes making it. He took time making us. molding us. psalm 139 says He knits us together. as beautiful as the mountains are, we, in God's eyes, are infinintely more beautiful. more precious. more valued. i'm in awe. the more He helps me understand how beautiful and valuable i am to Him, the more this world looses it's grip on me. the more i'm filled with His love, the more i want to share that love, to help others understand how beautiful and valuable they are.
what an indescribable God.


Blogger christine said...

hey stef! it's great to hear that you're still alive! :) i hope you continue to enjoy the trip and see God's amazing beauty in the process. love you! christine

3:36 AM  
Blogger Stef said...

hi! i miss you!
i tried to call you this morning from cali, but i don't have enough $$ left on my calling card. :( so i'll load it up when i get back, call you, and we'll chat for hours! :-)

7:04 PM  

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