Friday, May 19, 2006

it's more like this....

i've recently had a couple of conversations with people about whether or not we can loose our salvation. i have to admit, though i've been uncomfortable with the idea that salvation can be lost, i haven't been able to fully explain why.
there is, of course, the verse that says "nothing can separate us from the love of God". i've always assumed that "nothing" means "nothing". plain and simple. and i've always believed that, but still.. something wasn't clicking. and i think it's because i'm a visual person - without a visual image to represent what "nothing can separate us" means, it just wasn't quite clicking.
well today, the perfect image came into my head. perfect for me anyway.

this image isn't quite like the one i have in my head.. i'll have to draw that one out. but it's like two hands, grasping each other at the wrist. if i let go, God's still got me. my salavation isn't about me hanging on to God, but about Him hanging on to me. period. when i accept Christ, God and i clasp hands, our arms interlock as i grab His arm and He grabs mine. and i may try to let go sometimes, but He never will.

praise Him praise Him praise Him. He'll always hold on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude that's a pretty rockin' post. I've always wrestled with that line of thinking. I've been the one in that conversation that has played devil's advocate (appropriate or what?) that asked "You know that verse about us being held in his victorious right hand and nothing being powerful enough to take us from that? What IF its not a matter of his hand (notice singular noun) being strong enough to clasp onto but a matter of our choice to break that clasp?" That was a question out of fear more than anything and I just wanted to say your picture is a beautiful revelation to answer that question.

Joshua Malinowski

4:48 PM  

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