Tuesday, August 19, 2008

one man's trash...

A story appears today on CNN's website about a torture chamber that was discovered in a Baghdad mosque. Read the story at your own risk. It isn't pleasant. Local residents admit to hearing the screams of some of the torture victims.
Local residents also say that a Shiite militia group known as the Mehdi Army is responsible for the existence and use of the torture chamber.
The scene is described as "horrific".

Cut to the following story about the United States' little-talked about policy of extraordinary rendition. A policy that allows people with suspected ties (note... **suspected** ties...) to terrorism to essentially be kidnapped and "transferred" to countries like Egypt and Afghanistan where torture is a known method of extracting information from prisoners.
U.S. officials call extraordinary rendition a "necessary measure" in the fight against terrorists.
I wonder, though, if any of them have stopped to consider.... what's the benefit of fighting against terrorists if, in the process, we become just like them?


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