Monday, August 15, 2005

my last full day

"you've opened my eyes to the wonder of you
you've captured my heart with this love
because nothing on earth is a beautiful as you."

that line has been running through my head this entire trip. it really puts it in perspective when you're looking at breath-taking mountains, oceans, valleys. that God is so much more beautiful than any of these things.

we're staying with a lady from the church. her name's Bridget. Billie and Christine - you guys would love her! she loves to travel and has been all over.
this morning, kerrie had a meeting and i hung around at Bridget's to do some work. a couple of her grandkids came over; josh and nick
josh just got his driver's permit, so we talked for a little while about driving and cars. he's a great kid. i asked him about getting his permit and this huge grin just took over his whole face. he was so excited.
and nick. nick is 7 yrs old and he's already a flirt. seriously. i was sitting in the living room working when they got there, and nick walked up behind the couch and was watching me work. i turned around to talk to him and he had that look in his eye that most chronic flirts have; that "you're the most important person in the room" look. and he's 7!!!!! i didn't know whether to be amused or apalled!
i've learned a lot on this trip. i have a lot to journal. tomorrow morning i'm gonna spend a couple hours on the beach while kerrie's at her meeting. God has shown me some really incredible things. most importantly, He's reinforced the fact that this kind of life can work, and that i want it to work. i love my life. for the first time in a long time, i can say that. i can say it an mean it.
and it feels really good. :-)
ok - i'm out.
pictures are coming. i promise.


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