Thursday, December 01, 2005

upside down

"upside down, you turn me inside out and round and round"
lyrics to an old old school song. i'm sure it was about romance or something, but it's the first thing that came to mind after i met w/my publisher on monday.
we were talking about my book and i was sharing some of the struggles i've been having. mostly it's been things like; feeling there's no point in writing it, that i have nothing significant to say.. stuff like that.
sabrina said the thought that encourages her the most when the enemy starts in with his lies is remembering that, if he's a deceiver and a liar, then the opposite of what he's saying must be the truth.
so if he tells me i don't have anything important to say, it must mean that God has given me a significant message to share.
if he tells me i'll never be on financially solid ground, it must mean God plans to bless me abundantly in that area of my life.
if he tells me that i'll never be married, never enjoy the love and intimacy i long for, it must mean there's an incredible marriage somewhere in my future.

i've never thought about it like that before, but it makes sense, and it changes everything. suddenly his lies become encouragment, because i know what's really true. suddenly the things he's using to try and stop me, and bring me down, serve instead to spur me on, fuel my passion, and steady my resolve.
this is what Jesus meant when He said He had overcome the world. this is why we can stand with confidence, passion, and a resolute spirit and say that our enemy is already defeated. because his attacks truly are without foundation, and not only that, they can be used against him by the very people he intends to harm.
for the first time, i realize that the phrase "you got nothing" applies most accurately to the enemy. he truly has nothing. if we remember this simple "upside down" principle, he's got nothing.


Blogger Scotzman said...


I have been and still am learning that this year. It is so freeing and life changing to cling to the promises of the Father... Satan loves telling us the exact opposite of what the Father promises. The more we learn to here the Father's voice and also learn to discern Satan's, the more freedom we will experience.

God Bless.

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