Thursday, October 20, 2005

ladies and gentlemen...

meet 'spike':
yes. that's the name of our fish. it seems appropriately inappropriate and unfitting for such a small fish. hence... it's perfect. :-)

come visit him. he likes visitors. at least.. i think he does. it's hard to tell really. we'll just say he does. he won't know the difference anyway.
or... maybe he will....
on a side note: i'm really dizzy this morning. i'm not sure if it's because i haven't eaten, because i'm tired, or because i'm stressed. i think this is gonna be a hard day to get through. i'm feeling overwhelmed. the stress of getting my business off the ground, needing to make more $$ than i'm making, friends going through junk, just stuff stuff stuff... i think i'm just really tired, 'cause today is one of those days when i'm feeling guilty for not talking to my mom more often and not keeping in better touch w/chris and andrea, or with billie, i'm feeling guilty and "less than human" for not being able to make more money as a writer yet. there's just all this negativity swirling around. makes it hard to focus and i have to focus 'caus i have a deadline today and i have to be at churchill at 2:30.
so i'm going to stop being a drama queen and get back to work.


Blogger Valerie said...

well, the cats like visitors even if the fish doesn't. oh, and WE like visitors too.

don't be a drama queen... put on the tiara and have a pretty princess day. :)

p.s. i love you.

12:44 PM  
Blogger Scotzman said...

Guilt is not from God.

I sound preachy, but I feel guilty about a lot of stuff... it's a stronghold and needs to be demolished.

Don't let it drag you down.

You may now return to yor regularly scheduled program.


5:01 PM  

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