Thursday, October 27, 2005

stop fighting it

i like intellectual things, and thoughts, and conversations.
pete and i hung out last night. was supposed to be this morning, but last minute changes...
it worked out for the best really 'cause i was able to stay home and work most of the day.

one of the things i appreciate so much about pete is that he always makes me think. he's one of the few people who will engage in conversations about stuff like biblical culture and theology and things like that.
and i've realized that it makes such a difference in my attitude.
i like research. i like learning about biblical culture, doing word studies, dissecting theology and doctrine.
last night when i got home, i actually knelt by my bed and prayed before going to sleep. i was so aware of God's presence that i couldn't help but acknowledge Him. that kind of heightened awareness of Him always happens when i study. i mean really study. with my concordances, bible dictionaries, historical texts.. gah! i love that kinda stuff!

our ability to reason is God-given. our intellect is part of our soul. i believe that. the brain, as a physical thing, has neurons that fire, chemicals that run through it, etc, etc. but it's our essence, our soul, that makes all the pieces fit. gives things order and reason.

when i don't engage that part of me on a regular basis, i feel less like me.


Blogger Valerie said...

my favorite prayer time is right before i go to sleep. on my knees next to the bed. kind of makes me feel like a little kid again, talking to my Dad.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...

stef, every moment i'm here i think, "stef would love this."

i love that God's presence is becoming more and more tangible in your life. you rock, and He rocks!

rock on!


11:36 AM  
Blogger gfaith58 said...

Thats what I like about you . You go deep quick in conversation.btw lets talk soon. also, my new blogsite is check it out. Hope to talk and see you soon. Ginny

11:24 PM  

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