Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I believe

words and music by Will

[verse 1]

I believe in the future You give

in the life that I live

I believe in the days that will come

knowing where I am from

I believe


And it's Your grace

Your love

Your hope

Your joy

I believe in

I believe in You

And it's Your word

Your truth

Your timing

Your peace

I believe in

I believe in You

[verse 2]

I believe in a love that is real

goes beyond what I feel

I believe in the way You pursue

knowing all that I do

I believe


You came to set me free

You gave Your life for me

You died so I might live

And now my life I freely give

I believe


this song has become God's assurance to me that all is well. i can tell that over the next several months, as so much in my life changes, i'll be leaning of the truth of these words. i'd like to make it into a mixed media art piece. i got the inspiration for it last night, but we'll see how it goes.

for now.. i gotta get back to work.


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