Wednesday, September 27, 2006

excuse me?

have you ever listened to politicians and wondered if anyone's right?

I'm sitting here in Sweetwaters (kind of) working. The lady at the table next to me is a reporter for the Detroit Free Press. She's spent the entire afternoon interviewing policital candidates. I'm not sure for what office, but she's had one right after the other sitting at her table since about 1:30 this afternoon.

The interesting thing is that every politician she's talked to genuinely wants to make a difference. Each one is aware of the problems faced by our city and state, and every one wants to do something about them.

But everyone of them has completely different ideas as to how.
One will come in and talk about "trickle down economics" and how it will help boost the economy. The next will come and talk about what a terrible idea trickle down economics is and give a list of reasons why it won't work.

Both arguements seem perfectly reasonsable. But they can't both be right.. can they?
With so many politicians and so many opinions, it's no wonder we never really get anywhere.


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