Monday, September 04, 2006

ye of little faith. why do you doubt?

Yesterday I was reading in 1Samuel about Saul being annointed and called to be king.
In 1Samuel 10, God is going through His "formal" selection process, calling the king out by tribe and then by clan. But Saul is missing. In verse 22, it says that he was hiding among the luggage.
This guy has been annointed by God and yet he's hiding!
Then I realized that I've been trying to hide lately. God has cast a vision for my life that truly scares me. So I've been searching for an "out", a place to hide. I should be excited, and comforted by the fact that God wouldn't cast a vision unless He fully intends for it to happen. That knowledge should energize me and propel me forward. Instead, I'm hiding.
Rather, I was hiding.
Thankfully, God showed me myself in Saul's reaction and I've come out from amongst the luggage. I'm still scared, mind you, but trusting that God will be "faithful to complete" that which He has begun.


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