Tuesday, November 14, 2006

bless you, boys

you don't have to read far, or talk to me long, to know that a portion of my heart resides in another city.


God brought me to Amsterdam just a year and a half ago. My first time there I felt drawn, and connected somehow. The day we left, I quietly cried on the train ride to the airport. Actually, if memory serves, I cried OPENLY AT the airport.

If you ask "why, Amsterdam?" I can't tell you. Yes, it's a beautiful city. But the allure of Amsterdam is not in its beauty. Rather, for me anyway, it's in the underlying disintegration and dirt. A cursory glance around the city allows it to display its rich history and wonderful architecture. But a slow walk through the city streets reveals canals that are dirty, buildings that are leaning precariously, and a people whom you won't find on the covers of magazines. Look long enough and you see a place and people that are far outside of God's original intent. I'm drawn to the brokenness of the city. And to the promise of redemption. It's not a very explanatory explanation - every city in the world fits that description - but it's the best I can do.

This past Sunday, the two lead pastors (Todd and Eric) of a church in Amsterdam called Zolder50 were officially ordained as pastors. The truth is that they've been pastors for years. Growing, and learning what it means to simultaneously serve and lead.

I wish I could have been there. I wish I could have been part of the group that laid hands on them, prayed over them, asked for God's anointing and blessing. I wish I could have offered words and hugs of congratulations.

Regardless, it's wonderful to see them receive "official" recognition for roles and responsibilities that they've had for years. They stepped in during a time of crisis and have seen Zolder50 through some tough and uncertain times. They've encouraged, challenged, and discipled so many. They, more than almost anyone I know, deserve to hear from the Savior they love so much and serve so faithfully - "Well done."


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