Thursday, November 02, 2006

fight or...

From a business standpoint, this has been a rough week. I was fired this week. For the first time in all my years as a writer, someone fired me. Granted, he was the most unreasonable, difficult, and unpredictable client I've ever had. Still, it shook my confidence. I know I'm not the best writer out there. Heck, there are people reading this blog who are more talented than I. But having someone pull you from a project can make you wonder if you're at all good enough to make it. At least, that's what it's done to me. If I'm ever going to pay off my debt and gather together enough resources to get to Amsterdam, I need this business to work. And it can't just work halfway. I need to hit this out of the ballpark.

I don't know if now is a time for reflection, or for rolling up the sleeves and working that much harder. I currently have two on-going projects. Neither is especially time-consuming, so if ever there were time avaible for reflection and planning, it's now. But having a plate that's only half-full freaks me out a little. Still... maybe now is the time. Maybe now is the time to create clear plans. Select a target industry or two and focus only on them. Maybe now is the time for perfecting my portfolio, gathering names and phone numbers, and making personal visits to potential clients. Maybe now is the time to stop going after any client I can get, and start going after the clients I want.

Maybe it's time for a little fine-tuning.


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