Wednesday, February 14, 2007

As I continue to process the events, not just of the last couple of weeks, but the last couple of months, I see a pattern. It's hard to explain in a short blog post, but I'll do my best.

Two years ago, I came back from a missions trip to Amsterdam and started seriously thinking about moving there. A year ago I came back from another missions trip to Amsterdam and was certain that I wanted to move there. I've spent the last couple of years "preparing" for that move. Part of my preparation has been to sever ties and pull up roots. My life was almost completely "transportable". There wasn't anything keeping me here. I didn't even have a car or cell phone in my name. It's like I was just hanging out waiting for God to give me the green light to move to Amsterdam.

Now I'm seeing that I was getting ahead of God. I don't know how Amsterdam factors into my life or my future. But right now, God has me here.

Through the events of the last couple of months (not just the car or the purse stealing events, but other things as well) God is speaking a clear, unexpected message: "stay put. Get rooted and grounded here - where I have you now." I need to embrace my life here, instead of seeing it as an hurdle I must jump on my way to Amsterdam. God has a place for me here. For how long, I don't know - but duration isn't the issue. The other surprising thing is the peace and joy I began to feel as I started to understand what God was saying. I like that there's a place for me here. That there's work for me do to, and a part for me to play in building His Kingdom here and now.

Truly, God is faithful, slow to anger, rich in love, and good to all.


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