Sunday, March 23, 2008

God Grew Tired of Us

The next time you're walking through Blockbuster looking for a movie to rent, I highly recommend that you check out a National Geographic documentary titled "God Grew Tired of Us".
It follows three young men from a refugee camp in Southern Sudan who are given an opportunity to move to America.

It's fascinating (and, of course, very sad) to hear them talk about fleeing the war in Sudan, losing family members, and ending up in a refugee camp where they felt there was nothing left to do but "wait to die".

Seeing America through their eyes confirmed many of my most and least favorite things about this country. Their stories are inspirational.

My first missions trip (back in 1999) was to Africa; a sliver of a country in West Africa called The Gambia. I vowed to go back someday, but have yet to make the journey. Those who have been to any part of Africa know there's something about it that gets into your heart. The opening images of this documentary could have been taken at the village we stayed in nearly 10 years ago. It's incredible to think that so little has changed. The images of dirt roads, mud huts with thatched roofs, and the people... adults and kids alike with wide grins and warm eyes... made my heart skip a beat.

I still believe that Amsterdam is the most beautiful place, but I think Africa has the most beautiful people.

Remember the title: "God Grew Tired of Us".. add it to your "to be rented/watched" list. You won't regret it.


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