Tuesday, August 16, 2005

15 min and out

yep. in 15 minutes i'm in the car, headed to the airport, headed home.
this morning was great.
i dropped kerrie off at the church 'cause she had a creative team meeting, then went to the beach for a couple hours. watched some kids learning to surf and thought "this would be a great place to raise a family". and it would be. kids go to surf camp here. surf camp. how sweet is that. and they play beach volleyball and rollerblade along the Pacific Ocean.
'course, the downside is that cost of living here is sick. $650,000 for a 1250sq ft home. yep. just because it's by the ocean.
but watching the kids surf was wonderful. then i drove back up to Palos Verdes and sat on the cliff for a little bit. then i happened across a path down the side of the cliff and made my way slowly down. it was a little scary, 'cause i had to to it barefoot (i had my flipflops on, not anticipating a mountain climb), but it was worth it. so i sat on the side of cliff for a few minutes and chatted with God. "embrace the life I've given you" he said to me this morning. "go after it w/passion and you'll be amazed at the results."
this morning it really hit me that i can do this. i can work and travel. i can go to australia for three months. i can visit my family. i can come back here to cali or go to vegas and hang out w/andrea.
and all the while, stuff is happening. i got another writing job while i was here. someone wants to book jason to speak in september. i have 2 meetings happening the day i get back. it's astounding. work hasn't missed a beat.
and so today.. sitting on the beach.. i thought to myself "i love my life. i can't believe i can do this." for the first time in a long time i can honestly say that i love my life. i can't believe it's working. that i can do what i'm doing. (a@ron.. remember our conversation a year ago? it was a year almost to the day.)
ok, i gotta finish up some stuff before i leave. pictures will be posted upon my return!


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