Thursday, January 26, 2006

straight from the horses mouth

one of my clients has asked me to write an article about the de- and re-forestation of New England. It seems that when New England was first settled, alot of the forest was destroyed to make room for agriculture (crops, livestock, etc..). When the farmers began to move farther west, those who stayed in New England began trying to rebuild the forests and wildlife.
In my research, I stumbled across this, which is an original document about "western planting" from 1584. It's a discourse written by Richard Hakluyt, about the purposes of discovering and populating America. Verbatim, this is his first "bullet point", if you will:
"That this westerne discoverie will be greately for the inlargement of the gospell of Christe..."

People keep trying to ignore the fact that this nation was founded by people who had faith in Christ and a godly fear of the Lord, but there's your proof. The first settlers came also as missionaries, to whomever might be here to listen. They intended to found a nation which would have Christ as it's foundation, and which, collectively, would further His Gospel.
Everyday we get futher and futher from our roots. From the orignially intended purpose of this nation. And everyday we pay the price for it.
So the next someone tries to tell you that this nation wasn't founded on Christian values, quote Mr. Hakluyt (if you can figure out how to pronounce his name). And keep praying for our nation.


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