Tuesday, June 06, 2006

let's do this

well i tried to post the pic, but it isn't working.
so instead, go here.. then come back and read my blog.
remember that scene from Aliens? the alien is coming after the little girl, and Ripley shows up in this wicked crazy monsterous machine and says "get away from her you b%$@!"
there are days i'd like to throw down like that w/satan. especially when he's messing w/people i love. there are days i wish the Sword of Truth was real, and that the enemy was physically standing in front of me so i could look him in the eye when i deliver the damaging or (preferrably) fatal blow. there are days when i'm so tired of his deceit and cowardice, i wish he had the guts to really show himself. no more hiding in the spiritual realm. there are days when i wish the battle looked more like the final fight in a Rocky movie. only more final. there are days i wish for a fight like that. mortal enemies stuck in a ring until only one is standing. there are days i long for that 'cause i know who'd be left standing.
yeah, there are days when i wish the fight was physical. that i could feel my weapon of choice connect, and do damage. no more hiding. just come here and fight. fight me. stay away from the people i love, and fight me. give me your best shot, 'cause what you've got is nothing. let's do this, and let's end this.


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