Tuesday, June 13, 2006

it's the plank in the eye that most often goes unnoticed
it's the inner voice that says "thank you, God, that i'm not like so-and-so"
it's knowing you're being watched
and misunderstanding the reasons why
it's the sin that so easily entangles
and the snare that so easily b(l)inds
it's sinking to a new low
that you think is an all-time high

it uses His name to build you up
and your name to push His down

it tells you that the ones who don't agree
simply "don't understand"
it gives you the only excuse you need
to discount and disgrace your fellow man

it makes "sacrifice" selfish
and "service" self-serving

it makes you feel sorry the subject of this poem
it tells you that this could never be about you


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