Friday, February 16, 2007

a blessing to the nations?

I find that I have an ever-increasing burden on my heart to find ways to help God's people, His Church heal.

I know so many people who have been not just hurt by the Church, but used up by it. I try not to rant and rave or become hard-hearted (again). I just want to see people healed. And I want to see people in leadership learn to truly value those on their staff and those who volunteer. I feel like our current path is so far removed from what Jesus originally had in mind. We live for the Sunday service. But can a disciple be truly discipled just one day a week? What about the other six? And what about the ones who work so hard to make our Sunday events happen? Are we caring for them? Sadly, the majority of the evidence says "no", disciples are not made on Sunday mornings (or evenings), and we're not caring for those who make our Sundays happen.

I've seen it over and over again... God's Church uses the talents and passions of God's people, only to discard them when they're worn out. We don't truly love. "Love your neighbor" isn't an option. It isn't a "spiritual gift" and has nothing to do with how a person is "wired". "Love your neighbor" is a command. And if we're truly being transformed into the likeness of Christ, love will come naturally. So maybe that's the root of the problem. We don't love because we're not being transformed. If not, why not? Why aren't those who claim to follow Him becoming more like Him?

And what do we do with those who have been so badly hurt; whose talents and gifts have been used; who have been traded like a commodity thats value has dropped on the stock market?
How do we help God's people heal?
How do I help God's people heal?


Blogger Leaning on Him said...

I have the same burden. I have also recently experienced the pain caused by the church, (the immature and sick part.) What I have heard over and over is that "He will have a ready Bride, without spot or wrinkle."

He will do it, by the power of His Holy rejoice in today and keep listening, be obedient to the hear and now. It's what I'm doing...I love loving Him and being loved by Him. It's all about love. Enjoy Him and spread love around and watch it grow...Even the mundane things of life can be blessings.

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