Wednesday, June 06, 2007

boys to men

yeah, I know, the picture is pretty blurry. but what else can you expect from a camera phone? :D

ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you - Annica and Garret Hunter. (blurry though they may be) :-) Annica (on the left) is 4, and Garret (on the right - not facing the camera) is 2.

this picture is from a few months ago, taken at the Hunter's home.

Getting to know these kids has been so much fun. And over the last couple of months I've gotten to witness and experience the coolest change in Garrett. He really is becoming a little boy. No longer a toddler, he has his own opinions (about everything), and his communication has progressed from mainly nouns and verbs ("have truck") to complete sentences ("I have a dump truck"). The most enjoyable part has been watching his personality emerge. He has a wonderful, bubbly personality. He's goofy, and loves making people laugh. Over the last 4 - 6 weeks his personality has just exploded into existence. Kind of like flowers blooming in the spring. You see a little something peeking out of the ground and you anxiously wait and watch... but nothing seems to be happening. Then, one day, you're leaving for work, you look over at your flower garden and presto! it's in full bloom. That's how it seemed to happen with Garrett. Before, you could see little hints of his personality; his easy disposition, his bright smile, his ready laugh (or giggle...). But almost overnight it's bloomed.

The personality differences between Annica and Garrett reinforce for me the truth that God hand designs who we are - each and every one of us. Annica has a much stronger personality. She's a lot of fun, though not nearly as goofy as Garrett. And while she likes to make people laugh sometimes, she prefers being made to laugh. Garrett is more independent - he can entertain himself pretty well. Annica prefers to play or watch a movie with someone. She's quick to invite people to join in whatever she's doing (of course... if you join, you'll probably have to play *her* way...) :-) They have the same parents, live in the same house, have experienced many of the same things - yet they're so vastly different.

Personality isn't something that can be explained away by science. I'm sure scientists will try (and probably already have), but ultimately, it's a mystery. An awesome mystery that no one but God truly understands.


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