Saturday, March 17, 2007

are we counting the right cost?

In Christian circles, there's a lot of talk about "counting the cost" of obeying Jesus. I'm not talking about the cost of putting your faith in Him, but the cost of earnestly following Him from that point on. We talk about the sacrifices, the difficulties, the trials, etc... but is that the right focus? Are we counting the right cost?

What does it cost us not to follow Him? We often count the cost of obedience, but how often do we count the cost of disobedience?

Yes, if I choose to fully surrender my life, and to obey Jesus with reckless abandon, it will cost me things. But it will cost me so much more if I don't. It will cost me - first and foremost - my intimate relationship with Jesus. I'll still be "saved" and I'll still have a place in Heaven, but the deep, closely personal relationship that I'm learning to enjoy with Jesus will be lost.

Disobedience will cost me a depth and richness of life that can only be found through following Jesus. I'll miss out on experiences, relationships, and a sense of purpose that comes from a life of faith. I'll miss out on adventures and miracles.

It's a truth that I hope God will remind me of everytime I'm considering going my own way. The greatest cost is not in following Jesus, but in not following.


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