Sunday, August 12, 2007

it's really not so bad

This week, I and the rest of the Genesis staff attended the Willow Creek Leadership Summit at a satellite location in Grosse Pointe. I wasn't very excited to go. I have a hard time with conferences in general because so often all they're about is the emotional high. But... this is Willow, and I should have known better. The Summit was incredible.

I missed some of the sessions, which I'm bummed about. (The downfall of being a part-time staff person while having another full-time job.) But what I did see was awesome. There was definitely emotion. The opening dramatic sequence made me cry, as did parts of Bill Hybels' first talk. But it wasn't hyped-up emotion. It was emotion borne of passion. Passion for the Church, for the lost, and for my calling as it relates to both. I haven't had time to process yet. That will happen tomorrow (three cheers for the Sabbath!), but I know enough to know that I've been changed.

I was renewed, challenged, shaken, encouraged, confirmed, and inspired.


Blogger Swordsandlace said...

Happened to see your post on David Wallace Croft. Good to see some similar viewpoints out there. Checked out your blog. Nice house btw. I like your clawfoot tub! :)

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