Sunday, July 01, 2007

a mathematical theology

I know... sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it.
But today as I was doing dishes and cleaning up around the house, I was thinking... about my life.. about the direction of my life and how different it seems to be from a year ago.

See, a year ago, I was pretty sure where I was headed - literally. I had a destination in mind. But then some people came into my life - people who have become great friends - and it seems as though their entrance into my life marked a change in direction for me.

So I've been plagued with doubts about my previous plans. Was I wrong? Did I not hear God? Did I hear God, but ignore Him? Am I ignoring Him now?

But I've come to this conclusion: my previous plans weren't wrong. And that destination may still be part of my future. I'm just not sure how.

I've come to the conclusion that God's will for my life is like a mathematical equation. Suppose someone asked you to write a mathematical formula to which the answer was "four". There are lots of ways you could it:
16 divided by 4

I could go on and on.
Any of these formulas will work. They all get you to the same answer.

And I think God's will is very much the same. He has an end result in mind, but there are lots of ways to get there. Of course, His overarching desire is that I become more like His Son. But I'm sure there are more specific goals that I may or may not be aware of yet. (Mostly, that I'm not aware of yet...)

So I don't think my previous plans were wrong. And I don't think my current plans are wrong (though... there aren't actual "plans" per se....). I don't think either choice would be "more right" than the other. I think they're different formulas that, in the end, will lead me to the same answer - God's will for my life.


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