Saturday, June 30, 2007

the i's have it

well, maybe they don't HAVE it, but....

i took a Myers-Briggs assessment this week which reinforced my introvert-ness.
For those who may not know, Myers-Briggs is a kind of personality assessment that breaks personality down into four different dimensions and two different preferences within each dimension. The first dimension is extrovert/introvert and it has more to do with how a person recharges than whether or not they like people.

And yes, I have a slight tendency towards introvert-ness. It's something that was called out in me several weeks ago by a good friend of mine, but was confirmed by the assessment. I have to say, it's given me a lot of freedom. Because - the truth is that as much as I love people, I really do need that time by myself to reflect and recharge. I enjoy being alone or being with one or two close friends.

The other thing that's been confirmed in me lately is my "relator" strength. This is from a different assessment called StrengthsFinder. A relator values deep relationships with a handful of people. I've learned over the last few weeks just how much I value friendships that have true depth. Not friendships that are necessarily easy, but that are real. I enjoy the responsibility of relationships and want to be in relationship with people who enjoy it as well. There's something so beautiful about being willing to take care of one another. Put another person's feelings first or well-being ahead of your own. One of the verses that God has brought to mind lately is from 1Corinthians 13.. "love always protects, always trusts...."
It's the "always protects" part that gets me. I have a deeper appreciation now than ever before of our charge to look after one another. It's something that I used to feel burdened by, but that I now find beautiful and holy.

It's fun to see God develop me and to see Him developing those around me. I was reflecting earlier that my life looks so much more different now than I thought it would. Even a year ago I feel like my life was on a totally different path. Then God brought some people into my life that seemed to change my direction. I don't understand it. But I like it.


Blogger Joshua said...

I would say, "Yeah for the introverts! Let's throw a party" However, that's not really introvertish, is it? What is your whole Myers-Brigg 4 Letter Combo? See you tommorow.

-josh (shelly)

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