Wednesday, October 10, 2007

does this look like a wedding party?

If you answered "no" then you clearly don't know my family. :) Last weekend I drove down to Cincinnati for my cousin's wedding. The wedding itself was beautiful and I've never seen him so happy. (Pics coming soon.)

The reception immediately followed the 1:30pm wedding and was done by 7pm. It just so happened that Nebraska was playing that night and the game was being televised. So.. my family being partial to Nebraska football (and sports in general)... we headed to the nearest sports bar to enjoy good company, good beer and (not-s0) good football.

We shared a room and a couple of televisions with another crew who were there to watch the Cinci/Rutgers game. Normally, I'm a Rutgers fan, but it's much more enjoyable to cheer *with* people than alone, so my loyalties shifted for just one night.

Sadly, both Cinci and Nebraska lost (though Cinci put up a better fight). But, at least we all got to commiserate in good company (while watching Stanford beat USC!)

Some of my friends have been surprised to find out I'm a football fan. This might help explain things. :) I was raised on college football. For so many years, our Nebraska team was one of the best... sometimes *the* best... in the nation. I've always loved watching them play, regardless of the outcome. My undying loyalty to the Nebraska team helps me better understand the undying loyalty that so many Detroiters have for the Lions. The Big Red is my team. They always will be.

Sadly, we're going through some slow and uncharacteristically painful growing pains as our new head coach tries to rebuild the program. We've made some bad staffing choices of late. We recently lost the (in my opinion) best defensive coach in the nation, for reasons that I still don't completely understand. But we'll get there. And in the meantime, you'll find me on most fall Saturdays either in a sports bar, at home, or with friends, enjoying one of my favorite sporting events of all time.


Blogger Cheryl said...

Dude, most people in Ohio plan their large events around the OSU games or include them in the festivities somehow!

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