Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Merry Ol Land of Oz

Nearing the end of a week that's been long, hard, and at some moments disappointing and sad, there is one ray of light... Ozzy's back.

This week, the University of Nebraska fired it's athletic director (finally) and hired former coach Tom Osborne to be the interim AD.

Finally...a step in the right direction. The recently fired AD had been slowly killing morale and complaints have been piling up - not just from athletes but from alumni and even some faculty. There's no talk of changes to the coaching staff - though it'd be nice if Ozzy could undo some of the decisions that have been made over the last year or two. Still, just knowing he's back - with all his passion for and belief in collegiate athletes - will boost morale again.

The rest of my week has not been quite so bright and shiny. I'm learning that tension is often just a natural part of life. Like it or not... it's there... sometimes I cause it, sometimes others do...
But it's unavoidable.

I finally (after months of being asked repeatedly) agreed to help StandUp For Kids with their communications and public relations. It's a great opportunity to help raise awareness about youth homelessness. Our first big "push" will be during November, which has been named by Congress as National Homeless Youth Awareness Month. It'll give us a great platform to speak from, and hopefully get some much-needed attention and support for the runaway and homeless youth we try to help. The trick is that I've never developed a full campaign before. It's one more task that God's calling me to do that I don't really know how to do. Every area of my life is like that these days. I'm pretty clear on the work God's currently calling me to.. but I don't really know how to do any of it.

I'm looking forward to my church's upcoming live worship CD night. I've been asked to help with stage managing/production and it will be nice to do something that's familiar and comfortable.

Of course, I'm sure that things are going better than I think they are. I'm tired. I think I'm getting sick again. I'm overwhelmed. I'm emotionally drained today. These things combined make life feel darker than it really is, I'm sure.

Fortunately, there is a God Who promises that His mercies are new every day. That joy comes in the morning. Mercy and joy. Here's hoping I wake up with both.


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