Monday, October 22, 2007

take note

what's a few wasted post-it notes among friends?

this is the computer screen of the desktop computer I use in the Genesis office. I know the sticky notes would drive some people nuts, but they make me smile nearly every day.

Some of the notes I've written myself. They're quotes from books or bible verses... but many of the notes have been left by friends. Those are my favorites :) because they're often left when I'm not there. I'll come into my office and find one stuck to the center of the screen.

As you can see, I've been gradually collecting them over the 10 months that I've been on-staff at Genesis. I'm hoping the collection will continue to grow, because I like surprises - especially from my friends.

So the next time you're in the Genesis office, take notes... and leave one for me. :) post-its and pens are readily available... ;-)


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