Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Nora

Yesterday at about 12:30pm, my good friends Drew and Caren had a baby - their third.

Meet Eleanor Quillen (being held here by her older sister Annica).

I was actually in the room when Eleanor was born, which not part of my original plan. :) But it all happened so fast. I was in the room talking with Caren's mom, and I look over to Caren and suddenly there's the doctor and nurses setting up all this stuff and the doc's like "Ok, let's do this."

I was a little nervous to be in the room, but it was really cool. The best part was after the baby was born and Drew said her name for the first time.
"That's Eleanor", he said to the nurses who were cleaning her off and clearing her lungs. I didn't get emotional or teary until that moment, but there's something powerful about hearing a person's name spoken for the first time. It's like you're witnessing the beginning of an epic story.

Thankfully, mom and baby are both doing well. Annica and Garrett both seem excited about having a baby sister. And I think Caren's probably excited to not be pregnant anymore. :)

Welcome to the world, Eleanor Quillen. We've been anxious to meet you.


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