Thursday, March 27, 2008

what to do....

It's late Thursday afternoon. I've been in Chicago for just over three hours. It's cold. Snowy.
People stroll along Division Street as though, rather than rain and clouds, the sky were giving us warmth and sunshine. They're in no hurry. Neither am I.

For the first time since I got back from my desert trip... I have time. Three hours to be exact, before I have anywhere to be. Three hours. I've found an eclectic (and unusually quiet) cafe with an open seat next to the window that God seems to have reserved just for me. For the first time in nearly two months, I can think. Really think. Not just about the next task or next appointment... but about things that have - for weeks - been fluttering around in my head like birds with no place to land. But now - like pigeons on a sidewalk - they'll land, cock their heads every so slightly, and we can finally have a good look at one another.

And so, rather than wasting this precious time on line, I'm shutting down my computer, shutting off my phone, and turning to face inside for a little while.


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