Saturday, August 20, 2005

this is the part where i freak out a little

so ok, here's the list:

2 missions trips between now and next april, total cost for both trips - $3200, and i feel really strongly that i should go on both, that i'm supposed to go on both

the article that i labored over for a northville newspaper may not get published (which means i may not get paid) because the newspaper changed hands

i'm officially the booking agent for Project 311 ministries - lots of work, little money to start with

bills are due

i'm moving in a week and haven't packed a thing

i just got turned down for yet another freelance writing job

i could have had an interview last week for a full-time writing job at an ad firm, but.. [insert sarcasm] lucky me.. i feel like God is asking me to stay freelance

i'm ready to go back to a nice, neat little life, despite the fact that i know i'd be miserable

this is the part where i realize i have a lot of growing up to do

it's also the part where aaron needs to come back home, join me for some awesome thai food, and make me laugh (as only he can do)

so for now i'm just gonna watch a movie and go to bed early and try it all again tomorrow

oh, and in case your wondering - the pic is of the church in Amsterdam. just about the most beautiful thing you've ever seen, isn't it.


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