Tuesday, September 20, 2005


i love the concepts in 'the barbarian way'. i love the idea of finally living a reckless, faith-filled life. i read the book, listen to the messages, and it sturs something so deep in me.
it's the way life is meant to be. loving w/no concern about being loved in return. serving w/out concern for who i'm serving or how much. meeting the needs of others and being completely unmindful and unconcerned with how much i've given, am giving or will give. energized by Jesus' love for others. being completely poured out, like a drink offering, as the apostle Paul worded it. to love and live and walk and run in absolutely reckless abandon. that's the kind of life i long for. a life of passion and service. of seeing God in the face of every person He brings into my life. being a conduit for His love and grace, not because i have so much to give, but because i've received so much of His love that it simply pours out to those around me. to finally see, understand, and believe that the playing field is level. i'm not reaching out because "oh.. those poor people need my help", but because i'm poor and empty without them. and to finally live this life regardless of whether anyone else lives it with me. to finally stop looking left and right to see who's around me, and simply look forward, look to Christ, and stop worrying about all the rest.
that's the life i long to live. and the fact that it's even a remote possibility excites me and inspires me beyond words.


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