Tuesday, September 06, 2005


sitting here at the internet cafe, and this song comes on the radio.
'cool night' by paul davis.
hardcore old school song.
it always reminds me one particular night when i was in jr. high
my mom and i were living in kansas city. my aunt had come to visit and we decided to go to 'worlds of fun' (kansas city's version of cedar point). they always had free concerts during the summer. this particular night, it was paul davis. my mom and aunt really liked him, and i knew the one song, so we decided to go see him play.
and it was perfect.
he played that song, it was his encore, of course, because it was his most popular song. i was sitting there with my mom and my aunt. it was a perfect summer night. the stars were out. there a just a hint of a breeze. warm enough for short sleeves but not so cool that you needed a jacket. i remember sitting in between my mom and my aunt, and it was one of those moments that's "right". know what i mean? one of those moments that, if there was such a thing as the planets aligning and all the world being just right, it was happening right then. a snapshot of a memory that's filled with feelings of love, safety, contentment. peace. one of the few times in my life when i felt a true sense of peace.

man i love that song


Blogger valerie said...

you need to change your profile... you're living at the westland zoo now, my friend!

-guess who
(hint: she has a soap dispenser that meows)

3:05 PM  
Blogger valerie said...

oh that was dumb. tryin' to be all crafty with the 'guess who,' and it shows my user name. lol.

3:08 PM  
Blogger Stef said...

i love you

i've updatead my "location" :-)

8:21 AM  

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