Tuesday, August 23, 2005

i know you've all been dying to see these!

2nd half of Cali trip


well, i finally did it. told Genesis i'm going on both missions trips, told Aquent that i'm no longer looking for a "staff" writing position, and started working w/Jason and Project311.

so to celebrate, i went and bought a new journal last night. new season of life = new journal. which is why i have like 10 of them! and so.... here we go!

over the weekend i volunteered at Calumet Holding Facility in Highland Park, with an organization called "Incarcerated Youth". it was cool. the program was a little flat, but these people pour so much of their lives into the kids, it's awesome. it was cool to be part of it.

sunday we had a guest speaker. he's the lead pastor of a church called "Scum of the Earth" in Denver. awesome. God used him to convict me and confirm some stuff. which is why i finally gave in and closed all the doors that needed to be closed.

ok.. i'm runnin' late. gotta go.

enjoy the pics!

oh...and please.. no more "ad" comments for dish network and crap. that was lame.


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