Wednesday, August 24, 2005


my whole afternoon has been re-arranged, but that's ok. it means i have more time to get work done.
i don't have anything earth shattering to say.
just had a free moment.
lunch yesterday w/aaron. good times. thanks for helping me this morning, and for the talk. it means the world to have a 'safe' place/friend to talk with. "nothing but love for ya" :-)
i've noticed that i find myself in the middle of a lot of situations. hearing both sides and realizing that we're gonna simply have to agree to disagree. sounds easy, doesn't it. i don't think girls every really grow up. there's always drama. always catfighting. whether they're 5 or 500. explains why i like hanging out w/boys better. 'cause i just don't get it. seriously.
i met w/lilian yesterday and she asked me if i find that people come to me a lot for advice, or if they need someone to talk to. i'd never really thought about it before, but they do. people open up to me fast. they tell me i'm "safe" and stuff like that. so lilian thinks i have some sort of counseling "call" on my life. i'm not sure it's a calling. it may be a gifting. why must we overspiritualize stuff? if you have a gift, use it. period. dont' worry about a "calling", just do what God's wired you to do.

k. that's enough.
back to work.

and the pic is of a canal in amsterdam. this was our view from the zolder.
such a beautiful, romantic place. it'd be a great place to fall in love. ;-) ::sigh::


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