Monday, April 17, 2006

in about 1/2 hour we leave for the airport.
this trip has been intense. some of the most heavy spiritual warfare i've ever faced.
and it's been great.
to stand on the front lines and reclaim God's land and people. there's nothing like it in the world.
i don't know what's next for me, except to get ready to go. go where? i'm not sure. i've gotten three invitations for three differenct locations. two in holland and one in california. the california trip would be a pre-cursor to the move to holland. i've been told that any of the three choices would be good. that God would use me anywhere. and i know that.
but i also know for sure that my heart is here. in this city. i know that my heart's desire is to stand on the bridges at the outskirts of the red light district and reclaim that place for God.
i'd right more, but the power is this building is strange, and my battery is dying.
i have over 200 pictures and lots of stories to share, so there will be more.

for now

tot' zinzes (good-bye)


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