Monday, February 27, 2006


... to the band Nickelback.
Yes. Nickelback.
I've always liked them, but this latest album is incredible! They've really come into their own. They still have the edgy, rock sound, but you can tell there's more depth to the development process. The music is intelligent and intentional and the lyrics .... so good. There's a new level of maturity to this album and it's fantastic! I was listening to them on the way home, and actually said out loud in my car "I'm so proud of you guys!" 'cause I really am. I *love* hearing musicians develop. I love hearing their talent mature and deepen. I love it i love it i love it. l-o-v-e-i-t!!!
Nickelback hit one out of the park w/this album.
And if you get the chance, go here: and watch their latest video. It's incredible!

oh.. just a p.s., Chad Kroeger should marry me. :-)


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