Tuesday, February 14, 2006

catching up

first, for those who don't know yet...

woo hooo!! that's right. in a couple short months, this

will be my view! :)

and so will this:

needless to say i'm crazy excited. i'm also a little nervous about raising support so be praying. and you feel like this trip (or this missionary) is something you want to give to, so much the better! :)

i was watching the olymics tonight.. pair figure skating. man, how do they do the stuff they do.?!
in particular, the pair from china, Zhang Dan and Zhang Hao, blew me away. she fell at the beginning of their routine. landed right on her knee. they had to stop skating. but after a couple minutes, she went right back out on the ice and they finished the program! they even won the silver medal!! that kind of perseverance inspires me.

and now, i must go to sleep.
good night all. :)


Blogger Scotzman said...

Keep us in the loop. Very excited to hear you are going back...

7:51 PM  

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