Saturday, February 18, 2006


so my roommate is moving to phoenix.
in like two weeks.
i'm so excited for her. she loves phoenix and has wanted to move there for a while. God really put it all together, which is awesome.
she's not selling the condo, which means that i get to stay here, which is awesome. it means, though, that i'm responsible for all the rent and utilities, which makes me a little nervous. it means i've got to stay serious about my business and even step it up a little. i'm not a very good pressure player sometimes. i get nervous and don't think clearly. and this is definitely a pressure player-type situation.
so i'm working on trusting God, following His lead. i'm working on trusting Him with the results of my efforts.
lots of stuff running through my head.
i'm going to miss Val. granted, she's not as far away as Billie or Christine. i'm still going to miss her. still, i'm excited for her. excited that she's got the courage to take this step. and i truly hope it's everything she expects it to be.


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