Monday, June 26, 2006

it's incredible

last night, i talked to a good friend in California. she was sharing some of things her church is doing in a village in Africa.

i'm so excited about the movement of God that I see happening in His church! it seems everyone I talk to has stories to tell about visions and work they feel God is calling them to. it seems as though God is sending people out in ever increasing numbers. whether He's sending them for a couple of weeks or a couple of years, He's sending them. And they're responding. I don't think I can explain how I'm feeling in a way that will make sense. All I know to say is that I get a sense of this great orchestration that's taking place. God moving and arranging people to do His work. it's like... ok... random reference here... it's like when you study our solar system. You see all these pieces, all these planets and moons, moving and circling, and it doesn't necessarily make sense to you, but you can tell there's order. You can tell that all the pieces have been intentionally set in motion, and they create this elaborate, beautiful, celestial dance as they move around and past each other.

There's purpose to the movement of God. He setting things in motion. Creating an elaborate, beautiful dance for His Church. We may not see all the parts. We may not understand the reasons for some of the movements. But if we could step back, if we could stand in the Heavens and look upon His creation, we would see. And it would be beautiful. And it is beautiful.


Blogger Aaron Swanger said...

missed seeing you.

I still have a few Bowie pins I want you to have.

gotta run, IHOP needs me. :)

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